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The High Park Residents' Association (HPRA) has a catchment area that includes over 15,000 residents living in two distinct geographical areas bordering High Park.

Originally, the HPRA catchment was located east of the park, and is bounded by Parkside Drive, High Park Boulevard, Roncesvalles Avenue / Dundas West, and Bloor Street.

In 2009, the HPRA expanded to include the area north of the park, bounded by Clendenan Avenue, Humberside Avenue, Keele Street, and Bloor Street.

HPRA Catchment Area

Whether renting or owning, all residents within our catchment area are both welcome and encouraged to join their High Park Residents' Association.

The High Park Residents' Association is led by an elected Executive.

Jilian Saweczko

Jilian SaweczkoJilian attended college in England to qualify as both a Certified and Chartered Secretary. She completed the Chartered Secretary professional qualifications shortly after arriving in Canada.

Since 1968, Jilian has been a Tupperware Consultant. In 1998, she was one of a small group of people who brought PPL Legal Care of Canada to Ontario & Canada.

Jilian has been living in the west end of Toronto since 1971 and has been an active member of the Conservative Party since the mid '70s.

Jilian is a leader in community affairs in Toronto and has fought for improvements in both the separate school system and in the community.

The many organizations she has served on include St. Christopher House, Parkdale Focus, Communities Against Drug Abuse, Parent Councils, St. Joan of Arc Catholic Women's League, Community Health Board for West Toronto, and the Toronto Food Policy Committee.

Jilian and her husband, Jiel Saweczko, have been married for over 40 years. Jiel is a Polish Canadian and Jilian is originally from Jamaica. They have five children and eight grand children.

E.L. Cramp

Jilian Saweczko, Evelyne Dreyfus, Simran Prihar and E L Cramp

If you are interested in applying for an Executive position, please email us.

High Park Residents' Association (HPRA)