HPRA Presents LAUGHology at Revue Cinema

High Park Residents' Association (HPRA)

We were tickled to bring LAUGHology guru Albert Nerenberg to Toronto's Revue Cinema on Friday, November 26th for a night of fun and frivolity!

Repeated studies show that every-day stresses reduce your expected life span. That we're all sharing uncertain economic times and have started into a series of municipal, provincial, and federal elections isn't helping ...

This show - a screening of the documentary film Laughology and its attendent post-film contest hosted by LAUGHologist Mr. Nerenberg - certainly did! Renowned critic Leonard Maltin calls the film "A hidden gem."; the BBC World Service states that "Laughology ... aims to open the eyes of even the most miserable pessimist". Closer to home, the Globe and Mail proclaims Laughology "A Hit!", with the National Post rendering a verdict of "Screamingly Funny!"

LAUGHology at the Revue Cinema - November 26th

More than exercising the muscles that make us smile, this event also offered a chance for attendees to strengthen their hearts. All proceeds from ticket sales went towards funding the fourth and final phase of nearby Howard Public Schoolground's Rejuvenation - a set of playground amenities for kids in older grades and the community at large.

High Park Residents' Association (HPRA)