Roncesvalles Centennial Photo Exhibit

High Park Residents' Association (HPRA)

We were pleased to help bring the Roncesvalles Centennial Photo Exhibit to the High Park Library from November 12 through December 15, 2010.

A group of area residents, historians, and archivists brought to light over 100 photographs showing the people, pasttimes, and streetscapes of this vital neighbourhood over the past 100 years.

Roncesvalles Centennial Photo Exhibit - Organ Grinder 1917
Photo reproduced courtesy of the Toronto Archives

Taking into account the sanitorium pool on the northern fringe of High Park to the lake shore Sunnyside Amusement Park, this long-since awoken bedroom community to neighbouring Swansea, Parkdale, and the Junction has been both home and visiting place to many a character!

Presented free of charge to the public by sponsors and area residents associations driving the synergy taking place along Roncesvalles - Sunnyside Community Association, High Park Residents Association, and the Roncesvalles-Macdonell Residents Association - this collection of 100+ photos was a great success.

High Park Residents' Association (HPRA)